Thursday, April 06, 2006

48 hours in a day !!!

Since exams for term 3 are over there seems to be 48 hours in a day... with almost all ppl gone for campus, the big campus which used to attract and lure me has suddenly turned to deserted place... i will be leaving for chennai for summers on sunday... room is in complete mess as i need to do packing... but not doing it... not becos of laziness but becos if i complete this task also what will i do in remaining 2-3 days... neways this is also one type of experience... sleeping.. movies and eating is what life is as of now... lets c what happens at chennai !!!

Luv and Luc

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Time flies away !!!

Here at one of the premiere management institute time pass away quickly.. there are so many things to do.. but you yourself have no time for them... actually after making a choice to go for grades atleast for first 4 terms nothin much is left is life.. (barring few great moments spent with my close friends)... in few days seniors will depart and juniors will arrive... i still can see the day when i entered the college as a junior... time really flies.. we all say its heavy taxing here but will be nothing less than double when we join corporate life... and that too all the new friends and ppl...
change is surely name of life.. i hope that time stops a while so that i can live more enjoyable moments with my friends and parents ...


Monday, November 28, 2005

Business plans...

Hi all,

With some spare time from the schedule and also since now i am more used to the hectic schedule here... i am planning to devote some time for studying business plans, new ideas and about entreprenuership... many of you (my friends) i know have the talent, idea and capbability to do it big... so please help me out in case where to look for, sources of information, relevant contact persons etc....

Thanks in advance...


Sunday, November 27, 2005

Renewed Effort

Hi all,

sorry for not posting for so many days....
now i will try to be more regular while posting the updates here...
life is more or less settled now in this IIM culture with second term coming to
an end in one month..
in between much hyped summer placements got over ... got placed into cognizant and
posting will be mostly in chennai or pune...
as of now nothing much to write... going through rare chillest 2 weeks at IIMB...
lets see how long it continues ;))


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Life @ IIMB

Hi all,

Now its almost 14 days since i landed at IIMB. first 7 days were orientation where in we got to hear from various famous personalities about their MBA days and how they have achieved success. There were 2 workshops also where in we did many things for team building excercises. Enjoyed a lot.

From last monday the classes started. Have 6 subjects in all. All the profis are of god level with immense knowledge in the respective fields. Simultaneously many extra curricular activites have also kicked off. Our batch is presenting a cultural night on saturday. I am contributing by not taking part becos there are many talented ppl and i did not wanted to add to the chaos of problem of plenty. Neways since in this week all the profis have kinda given the introduction to the courses so it was not that hectic but sixth sense says its the clamness before the storm ;))... neways life would be great fun here for next 2 years it seems so... lets see...